Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cuban Cigars – The Highest Quality Smoker's Experience

Cigar smokers all over the world agree that Cuban cigars are a rare delicacy and that you have not yet enjoyed cigar smoking until you have had the opportunity to smoke some Cuban cigars. The reason for the high quality of Cuban cigars is because each cigar is hand made, each tobacco leaf is cleaned, dried and rolled by means of a complicated process and high quality guidelines.While this process takes longer than the time it takes other cigar companies to create their products, the result of this process is a unique, high quality product that no mass manufactured cigar can rival.

Due to the popularity of Cuban cigars, there is a massive underground market promoting fake Cuban cigars. So, sometimes it can be difficult identifying the real ones from the fake one since the cigar market is rampant with the fake ones. A good method of identifying the fakes is to look at the bottom of the box and see if there is a Habanos heat stamp impressed into the box. Make sure, however, that it is impressed into the box. If it is an ink stamp, it is most likely a fake.

In Cuba, the cigar rollers are known as “torcedores” and are claimed by cigar experts all over the world, to be the most skilled cigar rollers. The “torcedores” hold highly respected positions in Cuba and travel all over the world, displaying their rolling skills.
Some of the most famous Cuban cigars are the Cohibas, the Montecristo and the Partagas. There are many more than just those few who all help make Cuban cigars the most loved delicacy in the world, for cigar smokers.

If you have already tried some of the fine Cuban cigars that are available in the world, then you already know how high the quality and experience of smoking Cuban cigars is. But, if you have not yet partaken in this incredible smoking experience before, or perhaps you have never even smoked a cigar before, then I suggest you take some time to sit down, relax and enjoy a Habano. You will know immediately, that there is no better experience for a cigar smoker.
Cuban cigars go down well with a good wine, a delicious meal, with friends (smoking with, not eating them), as a victory treat when your favourite sports team won or even if you recently became a parent. No matter what the occasion, Cuban cigars are perfect accompaniment for good times and good memories.

If you live in the USA though, it is difficult getting a hold of Cuban cigars, seeing as they are illegal due to political issues between the two countries. So, if you live in America, there are ways to get a hold of these cigars, but you have to be careful so that you do not get caught. One way for Americans to get these cigars, is to go to Canada and buy them there. Once you go back over the border, just make sure they are camouflaged well so that customs does not find them. So, go get those cigars and start enjoying them!

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